Global Responsiveness And Safety Programme (GRASP)

The GRASP programme is a rich amalgamation of the Life Skills Education Programme, the Personal Safety Education Programme, the Value education programme and awareness of current events. Conducted in school from kindergarten to class 10, it equips students with knowledge skills and attitudes required to navigate the world successfully, at the same time keeping them safe. It also helps them develop a healthy approach to their environment with the goal of developing responsible and contributing citizens of the world.

Personal Awareness and Career Explorations (PACE) Programme

PACE is our career awareness programme for classes 6-10. The programme is designed to help student become aware of themselves, their skills, interests, aptitudes and abilities. It uses the online mykensho module, to help students understand the broad dimensions of career fields, opportunities for their aptitude and world of work.

A sort of a career fair day is organized for class 10 where Professionals from different fields are invited as panel members. They give information and address queries with regards to different aspects like (skills required, ethics, associated lifestyle, remuneration etc.) of the profession they belong to. Time is allotted for personal interaction with each panel member. The aim is to provide students with accurate information and know the nuances of the vocation.

Inter-house Competitions

The Student Council organizes the inter-house competitions among the four houses (Jagruti, Sanskriti, Vibhuti and Kshitij) for the secondary section students. These are mostly held on Saturdays. The objective is to develop a talent pool and generate team spirit amongst the four houses. Students enjoy a healthy competition to keep their house flag flying high.

External Exams and Competitions

Students in the secondary section are encouraged to appear for external exams as it helps them to consolidate their concept learning and test their application skills and gauge their standard with the best outside the school. Teachers train them and motivate them to excel at exams like Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidyanik Exam, International and National Olympiads in Science, Math, English and the Cyber Olympiad etc.

They are also encouraged to participate in external competitions (both in sports and in cultural area) conducted across the city by reputed organizations like the British Council, Members of International Schools Association, Mumbai School Sports Association, Education Department, District Sports Organization, etc. Teachers help students in their preparation for the same.

External exams and external competitions help in enhancing the overall personality of the students and give them an idea about where they stand in comparison to their peer group.

Gurukul Skylights and Athlein

Gurukul Skylights and Athlein are inter-BCG school competitions conducted for the secondary section students. Arrays of competitions like quiz, music, dance, photography, elocution are held for Skylights amongst the 5 BCG schools. Various track and field events and games in sports are held as a part of Athlein. It is an opportunity to provide a platform for students to display their skills and knowledge with a focus on thinking, conscientious action and problem solving and opportunity for BCG schools to benchmark their student quality with each other. The aim is to create a feeling of belongingness and unity in the students of the Gurukul. All these events are looked forward to with great enthusiasm by students.

Field trips and Excursions

Field trips are conducted to help reinforce and expand on the concepts taught to student in class and offer an additional method to learn concepts. Students in the Kindergarten and Primary sections are taken on field trips regularly. Secondary section teachers plan the trip depending on the concepts taught. Teachers accompany students on field trips and ensure student safety. Discussions are held in the class after the visit.

The excursions are looked forward to with great enthusiasm by students. One day picnics are organized for classes Nursery to 7. Overnight camps and tours are organized for students from class 4 onwards. They participate in many activities like map making, treasure hunts, river crossing, village visits, sight seeing etc. Teachers accompany the students and ensure complete student safety. This provides an opportunity to enjoy unstructured time with one another and build relationships and also learn the values of co-existence and social living.


Annual Cultural Day

Every year, the Annual Cultural Day gives an opportunity to each and every student to present their talents in music, dance and drama. The cultural day for students studying in Nursery up to class 2 is held in the school premises. Students from classes 3 to 10 perform on stage in an auditorium.

In a two-and-a-half-hour presentation, each student gets an opportunity to perform before parents and guests. The credit goes to teachers for managing such large student groups in an extremely effective manner. The students in the secondary section also learn about backstage work, teamwork and the importance of coordination.

It is a much awaited and much loved programme by the students.

Annual Sports Day

In connection to our philosophy of No competition in the Kindergarten and Primary sections, the Annual Sports day is kept completely non-competitive and held within the school premises for students of kindergarten to class 2. Class 3 onwards, students are taken to the sports ground. Students of class 6 to A Levels indulge in competitive games, athletic events, and track and field events, whereas those in Primary section perform a display of exercises.

Independence Day and Republic Day

Our nation is our pride, to respect its ideals is our duty and to celebrate its advances is our joy. Independence Day and Republic day are grandly celebrated in a formal and dignified manner as required for the occasion.

Both the days, 15th August and 26th January, begin with hoisting the National flag. This is followed by an impressive march-past of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) contingents of girls and boys, house contingents, the Scouts and Guides contingents, patriotic song singing and speeches.

Students from the secondary section participate in this program. The primary and kindergarten sections acknowledge this day through classroom activities. The event conducted on Republic Day acknowledges the NCC cadets, scouts and guides. All these help students learn the values of citizenship and respect for one’s nation.


The Investiture Ceremony that follows the Republic Day celebration is a very solemn occasion in which the outgoing student council formally hands over the mantle to the newly elected student council. The outgoing council hands over the flags and marches out with the school cheering them and the newly elected council marches in to salute the school flag. The Principal renders the oath to the new council. The parents of the student council members (both outgoing and newly elected members) are invited to witness the occasion as they join us in our pride to see our children grow.

School Foundation Day

The school foundation day is celebrated on 22nd June to commemorate the day when our school was established. It is a day not only of celebration but also, a reminder of the journey of the school from its beginning to the present. It is the time to learn about the school, appreciate the organization and all the improvements it has witnessed.

Students of all the sections observe this day where age appropriate activities are conducted right from a tour of the campus for the kindergarten to quiz on school for older students, to designing logo or quotes for the school etc. The Principal addresses the students on this day and in the secondary section the Student Council takes an active role to plan the day.

Farewell Party

Students from classes 10 and A level are given a grand send off by their juniors of class 9 and AS level respectively, along with the administrators and staff members. It is an emotional moment for all as this is the last opportunity these batches of students have, to celebrate with members of their school community. The juniors put up performances and organize games and fun events for their seniors. The seniors and staff members go down the memory lane and reminisce about the time spent in the school. This is followed by lunch. The day ends with best wishes given to the graduating students in the form of a CD where their memories are captured in photographs along with messages from their teachers and administrators.