Importance of Environmental Awareness among Children

Importance of Environmental Awareness among Children

We all have had a habit of waking up to the pleasant chirping of sparrows outside our window, the soothing morning sunshine escaping through the curtains. We all feel the fresh sea-breeze when we go out for early morning walks at Marine Drive or Worli. We don’t have to worry about not getting clean drinking water or about saving electricity, except when it comes to paying bills.

We all have been living a life of comfort and ease without worrying much about the environment. Mankind has been curious about discovering life on other planets but we have been completely ignorant about the life on our planet. It’s time we change that.

Children are like sponges, they absorb everything that they are exposed to and it is time we introduce them to the concept of Environmental Awareness. If you work towards inculcating the value of our environment now, you will help them make this world a better place in the future. Creating awareness about the environment among our children goes hand in hand with developing them as a person.

Tackling problems Creatively:
Introducing children to the various issues of environment will trigger their minds towards finding solutions to these issues. It will tick the creative mind of your child and enhance his thinking skills. You’ll be surprised to see how dedicated your child is towards working on the issues of our world. If children learn to come with creative solutions at a younger age, they will be better prepared for the problems that lie ahead.

Healthy Lifestyle:
‘Health is wealth’, is a much repeated saying and it couldn’t be more unerring. The degrading state of our environment doesn’t allow us to live a very healthy lifestyle. By focusing on improving the condition of our environment, our children will aim to live a healthy lifestyle. They will insist on buying organic vegetables and use products that are bio-degradable.

Instills Communal Tolerance:
Environmental deterioration is a global issue. Every one of us, regardless of what community or religion we belong to, is affected by it. If children are taught the importance of protecting our environment, they will look at the greater good and keep aside all the petty communal quarrels for the betterment of the environment.

Eliminating Bio-Phobia:
When a person has not been exposed to nature in his childhood, he may develop a certain fear or disdain for it. He will refrain from going to places with a lot of trees or on camping trips with friends. People are often afraid of wild animals and insects. Environmental awareness can help prevent this fear because your child will already be accustomed to nature. It will help him appreciate the wonders of nature.

Accepting Responsibility: The key to being successful in life is to accept your responsibility and work towards fulfilling it. Being aware of the issues and making efforts to protect the environment gives a sense of responsibility to the children. They will learn to value and accept their responsibilities at a young age and grow up to become a responsible a person.

Everyone talks about the protection of our environment and we are aware of its state too, but what we don’t do is to work on it. We so are busy dealing with our own problems that we totally ignore an important matter at hand. The future of our planet largely depends on what decisions the younger generations make and thus it’s crucial that we teach them to care for our Mother Earth.