Using Social Media the Right Way

Using Social Media the Right Way

Social media has taken an important place in our lives and is at the peak of its popularity. The basic idea of social media was to connect with people from all over the world by means of the internet. It was meant as a platform for people to share their content without any filter. Of course, social media now has evolved and has changed its dimensions.

Social media has been constantly blamed for the addiction that it causes which is a valid reason to keep children away from it. While it has some major drawbacks, social media is an inexhaustible resource of knowledge and here’s how you can help your child use it appropriately.

Knowing what’s happening in the World:
Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook can keep your child updated on what’s happening with the world. All the reputed news publications have pages on these platforms and they post articles regularly. Insist your child to follow such pages.

Learning new things:
Social media is a treasure trove of creativity. Social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram feature a lot of videos where your child can learn interesting things. A lot of YouTube channels also help students understand chapters or concepts that are included in the syllabus by explaining them in videos.

Fuelling your child’s Passion:
Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram& YouTube are few of the many platforms where your child can showcase his talent and get due appreciation. These platforms also have the tools to limit the audience. He can get guidance from a lot of experts in that particular field. This will boost his confidence and he will work harder to pursue his passion. By posting cooking videos on YouTube, starting a food blog on Instagram or making online stories, your child can get recognition for his particular talent.

How can you make social media safer as parents?

1....Keep a check on his social media activity. You should know who he is friends with on social media and observe what he posts on Facebook or Instagram.

2....Insist on using privacy settings. All social media platforms provide privacy settings that allow the user to choose who can view his/her profile and posts.

3....Explain to your child that once he posts something online, he has no control over it. The photo can be shared and altered by anyone and even deleting it doesn’t actually take it off the net.

4....Give your child the assurance that if he/she posts something on social media that they may regret later, you won’t overreact. Make them trust you with these matters and help them understand the repercussions of doing so.

Just like a coin has two sides, social media has its drawbacks and benefits too. What we need to do is to focus on the benefits and make social media a safer place where your child can express himself without any harm. Social media provides a lot of opportunities for all kinds of people and if used in excess can cause addiction. But that’s the case in every aspect of our life. So let’s focus on the good and cast away the evil by making use of social media in a much better and safer way.

Happy Holidays Folks!