Career Guidance & Counselling


BCG has been a pioneer in establishing the Career Counseling Program.
Since its inception in the year 1994, the School Counselors have been using psychometric assessments and guiding students to draft a future educational and vocational course of action. Over the years it has evolved as Personal Awareness and Career Explorations [PACE] (Classes 6 – A Levels) to meet the requirements of current scenarios. 

Students can consult Career Counselor in school who facilitate them to make informed choices about colleges and careers.

For class 9 to A Levels we have partnered with Univariety – a comprehensive platform which provides Career & College Guidance to students.

Through this program –

  • The students receive personalized guidance and admission chances from Universities around the world, access to psychometric tests and understanding of their profile in relation to planning a roadmap for further study and choice of careers.
  • They have access to online information on thousands of universities and courses from countries around the world.
  • Students are also provided with information on scholarships and preparation for competitive exams.
  • They have access to webinars where experts talk about study courses, universities, soft skills etc.
  • Students can connect with alumni to know their journey and learn from it.
  • In addition, a personal counseling session is arranged for each student and their parents with the guidance counselor.

Visits by representative from Universities in India/Abroad broaden the students ‘awareness about courses available, campus life and admission details.

One of the noteworthy programs conducted over the last 23 years is the Career Awareness Program – for students and parents of class 10. Open to s class 10 – A Levels, it provides a platform for students to interact with professional from different fields to explore the different facets of the profession beyond impressions and glamour.

Parents are important partners in the process of making choices.

This system helps students to answer questions like, who I am, what do I like to do, what are my abilities, who can help me reach my goals and where do I contribute or fit in the scheme of things.  Thus the comprehensive plan ensures that students have the assistance all the way.