Computer Laboratory

The Computer laboratory consists of 50 computers to make sure all students from Class 1 to 10 have an uninterrupted opportunity to explore and learn via this medium. Students follow the ICT syllabus as prescribed by governing education bodies. There is a separate work station for teachers to use computers meant for teaching-learning purpose. The computers have the appropriate configuration for the curriculum as well as programs required by the school. All our computer facilities are updated and secured to adapt to the changing trends and to cater to the needs of students and educators.

Tabs are used for classes 6 – 10 for students to complete online activities for their Personal Awareness and Career Explorations class.

Science Laboratories

The school has dedicated Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories that are well- equipped with the required tools, models, projects and charts. These facilities are in line with the rules stated by the governing education authorities to conduct the Science practical. All equipment and materials are calibrated. The laboratory consists of a fume board as well. Online presentations or explanations are accessible with the provision of an interactive smartboard.

Students are encouraged to use the laboratory to enhance their skills of research, inquiry, observation and strengthen their understanding of concepts in science.

School Library

In order to expand a student's imagination, use of language and their understanding of the world in ways other than the curriculum, our school has a well stocked library comprising of 18,400 books, 3,500 reference books, and subscription to 30 magazines and 10 newspapers. The time-table has a period allotted for the use of Library during school hours, once a week. Experienced and well informed librarians welcome and assist the children through the day. To engage students and promote independent learning, easy access is provided to books. Additionally, more books are issued on request as home reads.

Interesting activities like discussions and book reviews are held regularly and author interactions are arranged to build imagination and attention of students.

BCG Centre for CARE

The BCG Centre for CARE is a facility provided for students to help them navigate their school life with ease, and to manage their age-related challenges successfully. The facility is well equipped with professionally qualified counselors (who address social, emotional and behavioral needs of the students) and special educators (who provide specialized remedial intervention for students with academic and learning difficulties).

Parents can meet the Head-CARE Centre for consultation and appropriate guidance for their child.

Department of Human Resource Development

Centre for Education Design and Publishing

The BCG Centre for Educational Design and Publishing (CEDP) designs and publishes both curricular content and other print media, used by the schools of Bombay Cambridge Gurukul. It is headed by Ms Ashvita Jacob. The inception of this Centre (then called Department of Curriculum Development and Planning) was in 1996 as part of the Chairman’s vision to provide learner centric material in the form of worksheets for students of Bombay Cambridge Gurukul. The name of the Department changed over the years signifying the change in the tasks too. The Centre has a staff that consists of Content Coordinators in the varied subject areas and Design Coordinators who work on the design and layout of the material.


We have outsourced our transportation facilities and we stick to the norms laid down by the Regional Transport Organization of the State. The buses cater to most of the routes within the school purview and every bus has a female conductor and a cleaner. Student’s safety is ensured by conducting constant checks on their arrival location and timings. The staff is oriented on how to handle students. There are CCTV cameras and first aid box in the buses as well.