Students are the reason for our school’s existence and we are committed to strive continually towards student-centered learning and excellence in education. The focus is to make schooling an enriching experience. From the start, young learners receive an education which promotes lifelong intellectual, physical and emotional balance.

We have a proven record of providing the best-in-the-field educational methodologies to help students discover their inner sense of inquiry. The students develop 21st century skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and technological expertise through quality education.

School Logo

The Bombay Cambridge School logo symbolizes the five basic elements.

They are the basic substance of all Matter, the energy that breathes meaning into the form it assumes. Education is the realization of the true nature of this form (the self), it’s potential to interact with the Environment, and to learn and grow into higher realms of Thought.

This describes the motto – ‘Be Natural Through Social For Spiritual’, which is developing into a natural expressive being, through social skills by valuing and maintaining relationships, understanding social responsibility and finally realizing one’s own potential and leading a life of care and joy.

School Mascot - JAGS THE JAGUAR

Our  Mascot JAGS – THE JAGUAR – symbolizes strength, confidence and the vision to see in the dark.

Ready to accept all with  open arms, our mascot is friendly and kind as you see in his warm smile and gentle eyes. Jags is quick to respond and takes on new ventures enthusiastically, enjoying the journey as much as he appreciates reaching the goal. He reflects the positive energy and the spirit of the school and its students.