Our Team

We are proud of our highly talented and dedicated teachers and faculty heads who guide, inspire and ignite in our students a passion for learning.

With focus on the capabilities and interests of each student, our educators help each one to maximize their abilities and knowledge towards achieving their goals in an organized and holistic teaching environment. Caring for our special needs students and developing their self-esteem resonates fully with our school philosophy. Our teachers and staff reflect this in mentoring and coaching special needs students with sensitivity.

Our faculty is involved in continuous professional development to keep up with 21st century, international best practices.

The academic sections are well-supported by an efficient administrative and ancillary staff.


Ms. Manisha Xavier

(Head - Secondary Section)


Ms. Nisha George

(Head - Kindergarten)


Ms. Vina Cardoza

(Head - Primary Section)


Ms. Marilyn Correa

(Head - CARE Centre)


Ms. Avni Vasavada

(Head - Information & PR )


Mr. J.K. Mudaliar

(School Manager)